The first page of the code generation wizard is like the class generation wizard though with some options left out. Supply the arguments as needed and proceed to the second page.

On second page you supply the information needed for the code generation.

Data Input: Herein comes the path to the input data. Currently only a script for the createn of an Oracle table is supported.

Jet template: Here you supply either a custom JET template for generation with JET or you select a template that comes with the plugin.

Generator class: Here you supply a class that is used to do the code generation. You may also select one of the supplied generator classes

Reference implementation: Path to the Java source file that contains a reference implementation. For information on the format of the reference class see Reference Implementation.

The following compinations are possible:

  Template JET  Template JET+AST Generation JET Generation AST  Generation JET+AST
Description  Generate the code only with a supplied JET template Generate the code the code with a JET template and improve it with AST code generation  Generate a JET template and use it to generate the code  Generate the code with AST generation Generate a JET template and use it to generate the code that is then improved with AST code generation
 DataInput  X X  X X X
  JET template  X X      
 Generator Class    X X X X
 Reference Implementation*)    X X X X

 *) If a reference implementation is needed is decided by the generator class.

DB product: Select the type of database you use, or none.

If you selected a database you can supply database specific data on the third page:

  • DB host
  • DB port
  • username
  • password
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